Sheboygan Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility

        Primary Treatment


Upgrades in 2008 included the addition of two Brackett GreenŽ automatic, self-cleaning fine screens designed to remove large and small non-biodegradable debris from the wastewater flow. The screenings collected by the fine screens are processed through a JWCE MonsterŽ washer compactor before discharge into a waste roll-off container before being hauled to a landfill for disposal.


Grit Removal

In 1997, one 20-foot diameter, cyclone grit separator was installed to remove sand and silt from the influent wastewater. Sand and silt enters the waste stream with the inflow/infiltration of rainwater and clear-water into the sanitary sewer collection system. In 2007 a HuberŽ vortex grit washer was added to wash the grit to remove organic matter from the sand particles. The washed grit is deposited in the waste roll-off with the screenings collected by the fine screens. In 2009 about 161 cubic yards of grit and screenings was removed from the wastewater.


Primary Clarifiers

Four primary clarifiers (90 ft. x 90 ft.) provide 5.67 hours detention at 12.0 million gallons per day (MGD) average daily flow. Heavy organic solids settle out by gravity. The settled primary sludge solids are pumped to the anaerobic digestion process for further treatment before disposal.